Companies within the group

Since 2001, Boadella ISUZU lorries & pick-ups has been dedicated to the distribution of the ISUZU make of LGVs and pick-ups.
  • We are among the top 10 distributors of the make when it comes to afters-sales service and client meeting client needs.
  • Our dealership is in the top 3 for total sales in Girona.
  • In Spain, we are among the top 10 dealerships for the make, as regards sales.
Boadella HITACHI has dedicated itself to the distribution of the HITACHI construction machinery around all Catalonia for more than 20 years.
Boadella Manitou manutenció is the new Boadella brand for the official distribution of Manitou machinery in Girona. With the aim of distributing agricultural, environmentally friendly, industrial and construction machinery we will incorporate this market leading brand in 2010.
Boadella Used is an innovative service offering all makes of second hand cars for sale through its website.
Bomarent is a company dealing with the hiring out of industrial machinery and was started in 2005.
Since 2007, Boadella Vallsmadella has been dedicated to the the distribution of HITACHI industrial machinery and of ISUZU LGVs and pick-ups in the Alt Empordà region.
Tot hi cap was set up in 2007 as a self storage facility (rental of storerooms by the square metre) in the province of Girona.
Since 1999, Parboma has operated as the group's property company and its objective is to rent out industrial units, land, apartments or parking spaces. The company operates at a private level.


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